Teacher suspended

Elderville, January 18, 2011

Jimmy, a 34 year old teacher from Elderville, was suspended today for using repeated profanity in front of his classroom while teaching "Internet Etiquette" to his 12-year old students.

The lesson started as usual, the students turned on their computers and logged in to the shared screen on which they could watch their teacher browse the internet. In today's lesson, Jimmy showed his students how to register at a games site. He carefully explained that the Terms Of Service should be read, parents should be aware of the registration, and all fields should be filled out properly. He then proceeded to populate the fields with the appropriate information. All went well until he attempted to work his way past the human verification code. One of his students later recalled that he had tried at least 10 times before he started to show the first signs of nervousness. Jimmy suddenly dropped an F-bomb in the captchas field and clicked the Sign Me Up Button. This was received with some laughter in the classroom, but the registration did not go through. Jimmy graduated from F-bomb variations to much more severe profanity while the classroom grew wild with applause and laughter.

Alerted by the noise, the principal decided to go take a peek and found Jimmy at the computer, typing a word we'd rather not repeat here. The principal unplugged the computer and led Jimmy out of the classroom and into his office. It is unknown how long Jimmy will be suspended for.

We were able to talk to some of the students. Bert (12) from Elderville, told us he didn't realise there were so many funny words out there. Nate (12), also from Elderville, said he learned "lots of  new words" today.

Jimmy, who had been teaching Internet Etiquette since 2008 and had a blameless record until today, was not available for comments.


  1. I think I know some of those

  2. Rofl so funny ....umm I might have used that word a few times myself!