Bug Report

Description of the issue:
The human verification code is impossible to read by humans.

OS: All operating systems
Browser: All browsers
Severity: Major
Priority: Emergency

Steps to reproduce:
1) Navigate to your impossible site
2) Click the registration button
3) Go through the trouble of filling the 10 required fields
4) Click "next" to get to the page where you see the human verification code.
5) View the human verification code. If you're brave, type the letters in the box.

Expected result:
A human can read the code because it is called Human Verification Code. While reading the code, the registrant feels human. On a scale from 1 to 10, reading difficulty level does not exceed 5.

Actual result:
A human cannot read the code and therefore does not feel human. On a scale from 1 to 10, reading difficulty level is 24 and up.

Screen shot:

Additional information:
The other day when I tried to register, I lashed out at the cat in desperation. The cat jumped against the window to get away from me and held on to the curtain with her claws. The curtain fell and took the monitor down, which then fell on a chair. The chair tipped over and crashed into the tower while the curtain rod hit me in the head. I am writing this from my hospital room on a borrowed laptop.
My expected release date is tomorrow, if I pass the pshychological test.
Please make sure this is fixed by the time I get back home.

Truly yours,