What to answer..

Fun things to answer when a help desk asks the answer to the secret question on your account.

1) I already answered it when I signed up.

2) No idea. I'm trying to hack the account and I need the answer to the secret question so that I can change the password.

3) For security reasons and the safety of my account, I cannot tell you.

4) What do you need to know that for?

5) Oh the nerve! Next thing I know you'll be asking for my bank account number.

6) I'm trying to change my password, I'm not applying for a job at the secret service. Sheesh.

7) If I knew the answer, I wouldn't have contacted you.

8) I don't think I have an account with you, and if I do, it really shouldn't be such a big secret.

9) Curiosity killed the cat.

10) The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...