It started out exciting, the stories flowed in nicely, but last night I was wondering, how many stories about captchas can I write without starting to sound boring? I can imagine my followers yawning, rolling their eyes.. oh no, not another story, she's at it again!
My grandmother used to tell me that when you roll your eyes, they can get stuck and they'll never go back to normal. On top of that, when you yawn, you can get jawlock. I heard it's ugly and they have to knock you real hard on your chin to unlock your jaw. Let's avoid this kind of problems.

While I was writing the Help Desk Conversation story, I could see a lot of possibilities there. So, I'm going to upgrade this blog from captchas fun to captchas and help desk fun. Stay tuned for more stories. Help desks are hilarious places, I promise.


  1. It was fun reading your blog and I hope you will keep posting. 2012 archive? Nice one :)

  2. Yes no worries, I'll keep posting, got plenty of ideas.

    I'm from the future, started this blog next year, hence the dates :)