Dear Internet Service Provider

Dear internet service provider,

My name is Johnny and I am writing to you with a problem I encountered on the internet. I hope you will be able to assist and solve this problem for me.
For security reasons, my IP was blocked from a website after trying 20 (twenty) times to get the captchas right during registration.
Below is a screen shot of said captchas.

Just between us, I think they made those captchas difficult on purpose because the first 200 people to register will receive a $5 sign-up bonus. I don't mind working for the $5 they offer, but please note that there is a difference between work and slavery. To top it off, after slaving away 20 (twenty) times, I have now been prevented from accessing that website. Imagine someone would promise you fresh tomatoes as long as you go to the garden a mile down the road and water the tomato plants every day. When it comes close to harvest time, a fence is put up and you can no longer access the garden. From beyond the fence, you can see the almost ripe tomatoes staring at you.
Dear ISP folks, this is how I feel right now. Those five bucks were within reach, I could almost feel them in my pocket, and now I am blocked.
You are the only ones who can take that virtual fence down for me. Please quickly give me a new IP (preferably a dynamic one in case this happens again). And while you're at it, could you please kindly identify the letters that you see in the screen shot?

Truly yours,

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