EasyBits Go, a "fine" example of customer support.

This morning when I signed on to skype, I was asked if I wanted to try some game, I clicked deny, but it installed anyways.
Turns out I'm not the only one.

Their help forums are flooded, and one official skype reply, 7 pages later... "Please bear with us until we can give an official statement on this later"

Later? What do you mean, later? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? People are spending their Saturday afternoon trying to figure out how to uninstall the thing, running malware and virus scans.. This has been going on all day.

Just in case this happened to anyone who is reading this.. Removing Easybits Go:

1) Open your task manager
2) End the process on skype, skypePM and Easybit Go
3) Once you've killed the process on all of them, go into your programs and delete Easybit Go from there.
4) Reboot

After you remove it, you need to adjust your skype settings so that it doesn't sneak up on you again.

1) In skype, click tools -> options -> advanced
2) UN-check the box next to 'automatically start extras'
3) Save the changes.

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