You're Reducible

I am writing to you in regards to your offensive captaches.

Do you honestly think that decent, self-respecting people like me will sign up at your site?
You're already offending them before they have clicked the join button.
What exactlly are you implying with "you're reducible"? Are you calling me fat?
I demand an immediate apology.

Hello Steve,
We are sorry that you felt offended by our captchas. Those words are chosen randomly and are not to be taken personal. It was an unfortunate combination of words, and by no means meant to offend anyone.
Should you wish, we can register the account for you so that you won't have to deal with the captchas again. Simply provide your email, desired username and password, and date of birth.
Thank you,
Support Team

Hey, where is the apology I asked for? I didn't ask to have an account registered, I don't want an account with you now, I just want an apology.  "We're sorry" isn't cutting it. If someone told you that you're reducible, wouldn't you take it personal? You won't get away with this.
You're arrogant, lazy, stubborn &^%*$s and please don't take this personal, it's just an unfortunate combination of words that slipped into my message here.

Hello Steve,
We do profusely apologise for the heartache this has caused you.
Should you still wish to have the account registered, please let us know.
Support Team

Hey thanks. Apology accepted.
As for registering an account.. no, no and no.


  1. I noticed in the picture up there that they have the "audio" option. I've seen this before, but I never really thought about it. Now I'm wondering two things:

    1.) What do they sound like? Are they like a monotone Stephen Hawking sort of thing? Are they distorted in some way analogous to the visual version; does it sound like someone moaning at the bottom of a dumpster on a windy night?

    2.) What is the point of the audio version? For the blind? Not to sound like a jerk, but we are talking about websites displayed on a screen. The internet is primarily a visual medium, and how are they even supposed to see the link for the audio version. Perhaps they're for people who can't make out what the captcha says. But isn't the point of the captcha they they can be read by humans and not by, you know, like web bots or computers. If humans can't even read them isn't the problem...oh, bad captcha?

    These audio versions are perplexing.

  2. Good questions. The audio is there for people who can't read the captchas. Not necessarily because they are blind, but just because captchas can be so distorted that they are really hard to read.
    The audio sounds weird, it takes a lot of practice to get used to it. It's basically a bunch of annoying sounds in the background while someone reads the captchas. I've used audio on occasion and it didn't help. It's the same as the visual, it isn't "clear", it's mixed in with a bunch of sounds.

  3. The audio is even worse, in my opinion~ lol

  4. I can't breathe. XD

    By the way, I never tried the audio. O.o