Message for my entrecard droppers

Hey I haven't abandoned this godforsaken place, I've been extremely busy with work,  and no days off for a while. The half hour I spend dropping cards is a half hour I can sleep, haven't got even 6 hours sleep since the end of June when things got crazy busy. I expect work to return back to normal by the end of July and will be back to dropping daily then :)


  1. Hi there, just wanted to tell you that it's not the EC-dropping I'm missing from you. But your posts! Hope to see some hilarious new post or finding soon; best to you in the meanwhile...

  2. Hey Dieter :) No worries, I haven't abandoned this place, just working far too many hours. Once summer is over, I hope to slow down and get back to the same routine I had before.
    Thanks for stopping in!