A Little Help From A Friend

[7:16:24 PM] begin chat session

[7:17:25 PM] cookie: hey what's up?
[7:17:26 PM] me: nothing, and you?
[7:17:37 PM] cookie: got a minute to help me with something?
[7:17:38 PM] me: sure, what do you need?
[7:19:08 PM] cookie: I need to clear my cache
[7:19:12 PM] me: and?
[7:19:13 PM] cookie: I don't even know what that is
[7:19:54 PM] me: who says you have to clear your cache?
[7:23:49 PM] cookie: some help desk. Their site looks all squished to me.
[7:23:54 PM] me: what browser and version do you use?
[7:23:57 PM] cookie: no idea, I don't know what you're talking about.
[7:24:04 PM] me: are you serious?
[7:25:28 PM] cookie: do I look as if I'm joking?
[7:25:48 PM] me: I don't know, I'm not "seeing" you.
[7:25:50 PM] cookie: so what's a browser?
[7:25:57 PM] me: the program you use to browse the internet with.
[7:25:59 PM] cookie: can you be a bit more specific? You're speaking in riddles. Sheesh.
[7:27:25 PM] me: are you at their website right now?
[7:27:52 PM] cookie: yes
[7:28:58 PM] me: look up, do you see "help"?
[7:29:02 PM] cookie: I see the ceiling, no idea what you're talking about.
[7:29:12 PM] me: look at your screen, at the line up top, do you see words like file, edit, go, bookmarks, tools, help...
[7:29:19 PM] cookie: oh yes I see help there.
[7:36:03 PM] me: click help and then about
[7:36:47 PM] cookie: there is no about
[7:36:59 PM] me: sure there is, work with me here.
[7:37:36 PM] cookie: I see about internet explorer, is that it?
[7:37:41 PM] me: yes, click on it
[7:37:49 PM] cookie: it says internet explorer 6
[7:37:51 PM] me: heh I don't think clearing your cache is going to help. The website probably doesn't support IE6, that is an old browser version you have there.
[7:38:02 PM] cookie: it worked last month.
[7:38:04 PM] me: whatever. Click tools and then internet options
[7:38:09 PM] cookie: but you told me to click help and then about
[7:38:12 PM] me: that was then and this is now. Click tools and then internet options
[7:38:14 PM] cookie: if you say so
[7:38:15 PM] me: now click delete where you see delete temporary internet files, cookies, saved passwords..
[7:38:22 PM] cookie: I don't want to delete my saved passwords
[7:38:26 PM] me: you won't. Just click there.
[7:38:31 PM] cookie: I really don't want to delete my saved passwords.
[7:38:54 PM] cookie: don't yell at me :(
[7:38:57 PM] me: did you click?
[7:39:50 PM] cookie: no.
[7:40:08 PM] me: do... it ... now.... or I'm signing off
[7:40:15 PM] cookie: calm down, I clicked
[7:40:22 PM] me: bravo! Clap clap.. now click delete files next to temporary internet files
[7:40:28 PM] cookie: Done, but how about my cache now, how do I clear that?
[7:41:32 PM] me: you just did.
[7:41:36 PM] cookie: I don't know what you're talking about
[7:41:39 PM] me: your cache is just a different word for temporary internet files.
[7:41:45 PM] cookie: ok, but they said to clear my cache, not delete it.
[7:41:52 PM] me: that is the same.
[7:42:00 PM] cookie: how do you know?
[7:42:03 PM] me: it's common knowledge, cookie. It's no rocket science.
[7:42:11 PM] cookie: if you say so.
[7:42:16 PM] me: you've now cleared your browser's cache, like they asked you to.
[7:42:18 PM] cookie: what is a browser?
[7:42:51 PM] me: I already explained that to you.. look up. Or wait.. don't look up, just don't.
[7:43:01 PM] me: do you still have that box open in which you clicked delete files?
[7:43:04 PM] cookie: yes
[7:43:48 PM] me: good. Now click delete cookies.
[7:44:08 PM] cookie: I thought you said I had already cleared my cache.
[7:44:14 PM] me: you have, but now you need to delete your cookies
[7:45:08 PM] cookie: why??
[7:45:15 PM] me: because that'll automatically sign you out of this chat and I get to take a break :)
[7:45:26 PM] cookie: sorry, we're not all computer geeks like you are, have a bit patience with me.
[7:45:41 PM] me: all right, sorry. Forget about deleting your cookies, just go back to that website, is it displaying normally now?
[7:45:50 PM] cookie: no, it still looks all squished. Are you sure I cleared my cache?
[7:45:56 PM] me: yes. You have to upgrade your browser.
[7:46:01 PM] cookie: I don't know what you're talking about.
[7:46:06 PM] me: your browser is outdated, you have to upgrade it if you want web pages to display properly.
[7:46:07 PM] cookie. okay. Can you help me with that?
[7:46:46 PM] me: no

[7:53:08 PM] end of chat session


  1. Sounds familiar...kind of like me trying to help my mom :P

  2. I know we shouldn't laugh but I just have to, it's stronger than me. The conversation reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me five years ago. He's teaching how to use a computer, see. In one of his lessons for beginners, he told his "pupils" to double-click and open a window. One woman simply stood up, went to one of the windows and opened it...

  3. Dieter, lol I can honestly imagine that :)
    I guess we all had to start somewhere. First time I used shared screen, I was clicking all over the place and asked why "nothing worked". To this day I'm still embarrassed about it.

    TiLT, haha you really don't want to help me when I need help. I'm probably worse than your mom is :)

  4. This post made me laugh so hard.