The power of julblope

Dear free email provider,

I am trying to sign up for a free email and I don't seem to be able to get past your captchas. I can say the alphabet backwards without skipping a beat, though that isn't helping me here. I know that we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, it's a free email after all, but let it be known that I can't get in your barn to even look at the horse itself, much less in its mouth. It's not just me, you know. My husband tried, the kids tried, grandma gave it a whirl, and grandpa took an educated guess. Grandpa said the first word is julblope, but grandma called him a fool. I want you to know what our family went through because of this. Below is the conversation as accurately as I recall it.

Grandpa: "I am pretty sure that first word is julblope."
Grandma: "Oh you old fool, it is not julblope."
Grandpa: "Of course it is, what else can it be?"
Grandma: "Heck if I know, but it's not julblope"
Grandpa: "If you don't know what it is, then how do you know it's not jublope?"
Grandma: "What's this, an interrogation?"
Grandpa: "Can we just drop it please."
Grandma: "I'm not dropping anything."
Grandpa: "Yeah you better not, remember when you dropped that candle and the house caught on fire?"
Grandma: "Do you have to keep bringing this up? That happened 40 years ago."
Grandpa: "I lost my favourite slippers in the fire."
Grandma: "Ask me if I'm sorry, those slippers were given to you by your mistress."
Grandpa: "She wasn't my mistress, we only kissed once."
Grandma: "What? You kissed her? I knew it! I think it's time to go visit my lawyer."
Grandpa: "Right, last time you visited your lawyer, you were gone all afternoon. What were you two doing?"
Grandma: "I only saw him for an hour. A UFO landed in the corn field while I was on my way there, and I took some time watching the aliens."
Grandpa: "You suck at making things up, UFOs don't exist."
Grandma: "Julblope doesn't exist either."
Grandpa: "It's julblope."
Grandma: "It's not."
Grandpa: "It's julblope."
Grandma: It's not."
Grandpa: "It's julblope."
Grangma: "it.s n....

Eventually, I moved to the computer in the office, but I can still hear their arguing voices in the other room. Please tell me, is it or is it not julblope?

Thank you in advance.