Follow-up mail to ISP

Dear internet service provider,

Thank you much for solving my problem so quickly and giving me a new IP, I owe you my firstborn! It will take a while for me to memorise my new IP and I hope I won't be confusing it with my phone number like I used to, but I'm sure that is not your fault by any means.
After your generous offer of a new IP, I went back to the website to register and I ran into yet another problem. You may be able to help me.
Having smartened up, I only tried 19 times to get past the captchas, seeing my IP blocked by them has left me with some emotional damage, so I am trying to be more careful now.
I clicked on the little wheelchair, trying to get some help with said captchas, please see the screen shot below.

My question is, what do I need to plug in and where? For crying out loud, I checked every darn plug in the house, and there is nothing unplugged.
If you can help me out one more time, I will give you four packs of diapers along with my firstborn.

Truly yours,

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  1. Hahahahaha can I request a couple of diapers now to please?