A cupful

Dear Windowslive,
My name is Johnny and I am sending you this email regarding an issue I experienced while registering an account with you. During the registration process, I was forced to look at a cupful minery. Don't get me wrong. I understand that you need to add those captchas to verify that I am indeed human. That is not the problem, and I am sure you have enough people bitching about this already. The problem is that I was enjoying a cup of tea at the time when this happened. I looked in my cup and suddenly lost all desire to have another sip. Mind you, the tea was still hot. It was fresh. It was delicious, until the minery appeared on my screen. I quickly clicked the "new" option to generate a new code, hoping to put this negative experience behind me as soon as possible.

Imagine you have just gone through a trauma of seeing that cupful of minery on your screen, you click new to make it automagically disappear, and there comes... moomnud surface. This wouldn't have been dramatic if it weren't for the fact that I happened to look down in my cup of tea and saw something surface. Given, it was the teabag that was still floating in the cup, but seriously my mind went spinning like a ferris wheel. Even though subconsciously I knew it was a teabag, I honestly thought it was a moomnud. Those moomnuds are dangerous, don't you know?

I am writing to beg you, please be careful with those human verification codes, because there are humans looking at them. Perfectly normal people like you and me. On behalf of those people I would like to ask you, please remove the words moomnud, cupful and minery from your collection.. Let's keep us all sane, shall we?

Truly yours,


  1. O.M.G.

    I have tears streaming down my face as I type this!!!!! Oh, the moomnud! Yes, indeed a moomnud does look quite similar to a floating tea bag.

  2. ROFL thanks for the best belly laugh in ages hahahahahahaha